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The Hole Punch That Infiltrated A Steve Jobs Keynote and Macworld San Francisco

The year was 2005, and myself and most of my writers from my website AppleXnet had assembled for the first time from all over the country for Macworld San Francisco ’05. Best yet, we had been granted press access to the Steve Jobs Keynote by Macworld. It was the second year myself, and our chief editor Eoban Binder and I attended as press, but the first time all of our writers at the time had come as well. Eoban and I showed up the day before the keynote so we could pick up our passes, and make sure everything was set for the big day. The morning of the Steve Jobs Keynote Eoban and I showed up at the Moscone center around 6:30am figuring we didn’t need to wait in line since we had press passes. We made sure all of staff had gotten their passes, and by 7am we were ready to go. At first everything seemed fine, but soon we found out that Macworld had over booked the keynote, and had started putting little yellow circular dots on some press passes to guarantee that “VIP” members of the press would get access. Then around 7:25am they announced that ONLY those with yellow dots were getting access to the Steve Jobs Keynote, and everyone else had to go into an overflow room and watch the keynote on a screen instead. My staff was completely devastated. The idea that we had all assembled in person from everywhere from Wisconsin to Hawaii to come see Steve Jobs and we were now being told last minute that we weren’t good enough...