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Tech Executive. Entrepreneur. Technologist. Journalist. Podcaster. 

Business Development. Product Marketing. Marketing Automation. Product Development. Growth Hacker. Crypto. Blockchain. Artificial Intelligence. Open Source. Venture Capital. Enterprise. Sales. Docker. Cloud Computing. WordPress. SaaS.

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With over 15k+ followers, Trent is a well known journalist on Hacker Noon, and political topics on Medium.

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Host of the Techpost Podcast, former host of the Hacker Noon Podcast.

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Trent Lapinski is a hacker and technology executive who made a name for himself nearly 20-years ago in Silicon Valley by live streaming Steve Jobs keynotes on a hacked mobile phone. In the past 20-years, Trent has made an impact on digital media, podcasting, social networking, live video, journalism, open source, WordPress, cloud computing, and crypto.

Trent has experience as both a former CEO and VP, and has successfully bootstrapped a startup to over $1M in revenue and sold it for an exit. Trent has experience in product marketing, sales, product development, business development, corporate development, and venture capital.

Trent is currently exploring opportunities in blockchain, cloud computing, distributed networks, artificial intelligence, decentralized organizations, gaming, and the medicinal cannabis industry.

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Techpost Podcast

Trent is the host of the Techpost Podcast where he interviews some of the smartest people in the technology industry, and provides news and tech analysis of the tech industry.

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Trent is currently available for new projects and opportunities. View his experience, schedule a call, or contact him.

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