Trent Lapinski

Tech Executive. Entrepreneur. Technologist. Marketing. 

Product Marketing. Marketing Automation. Business Development. Product Development. Growth Hacker. Crypto. Blockchain. Artificial Intelligence. Open Source. Venture Capital. Enterprise. Sales. Docker. Cloud Computing. Team Chat. WordPress. SaaS.

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Trent Lapinski is a technology executive who made a name for himself nearly 20-years ago in Silicon Valley by live-blogging Steve Jobs keynotes on a hacked mobile phone. Trent has experience as both a former CEO and CMO, and has successfully bootstrapped a startup to over $1M in revenue which was sold for a successful exit. Trent is a data driven strategist with experience in marketing, growth hacking, product marketing, remote team management (10+ years),  sales, product development, business development, and venture capital.
Trent has made an impact on many open source projects, team chat, cloud computing, automation, remote work, WordPress, podcasting, public speaking, and content creation.

Trent is currently exploring opportunities in blockchain, cloud computing, distributed networks, artificial intelligence, decentralized organizations, gaming, and the medicinal cannabis industry.

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