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Trent Lapinski is a successful tech executive with nearly 20-years of experience in the tech industry. Trent has a diverse range of experience from startups to enterprise. His knowledge and experience includes business development, sales, product marketing, growth hacking, product management, corporate strategy, and public relations. He has extensive written and verbal communications skills including sales, podcasting, journalism, presentations, and public speaking.

Trent is a former startup founder, CEO and VP, who regularly mentors others.


VP of Solutions @ Stratus5 Cloudware 2015-2020

Worked directly under the lead investor, the former CTO of JPMorgan Chase, on a cloud computing and developer operations automation startup. Oversaw business development, sales, product development, strategy, SaaS development, marketing, and public relations. Managed a small team of engineers remotely in Europe.

CEO & Founder @ CyberChimps 2010-2015

Bootstrapped to over $1 million in revenue, then sold the company for a six figure exit. Generated over 4.9 million downloads of our software, acquired over 38,000 customers, with 1 million+ visitors to our website per year using SEO and SEM strategies. Oversaw operations, business development, and product development. Managed a team of up to 18 people.

Podcast Host @ Hackernoon & Crypto Disrupted 2018-2019

Sold the Crypto Disrupted Podcast to, and became the host of the Hackernoon Podcast where I interviewed dozens of the smartest people in the technology industry. Helped establish relationships with major sponsors, and built a following.

Found Partner @ Shot Ventures 2017-2018

Former founding partner in a venture consulting firm focused on blockchain, financial, and insurance technology companies. We worked with growth companies seeking strategic consulting for raising venture capital.

SEO/SEM Specialist @ West Coast Clinical Trials 2009-2010

Internet marketing including SEO, SEM, web development, and online advertising.

Rebuilt the companies website, managed online advertising for study recruitment, while creating and managing press releases. Increased traffic significantly while reducing bounce rate and tripling lead conversion.

Internet Marketing & Web Developer @ Playboy 2008

Internet marketing, viral video marketing, SEO, and web development.

Managed dozens of web properties, built a system to manage them, and oversaw several major social media accounts.

Media Manager @ LiveUniverse 2006-2008

Worked under two of the founders of Myspace at an entertainment and technology startup. Assisted with content creation, managed high traffic websites, advertising, and assisted with research and product development.

Policy development, marketing, PR, directing, video production, writing, web development, SEO, business development.


Founder & Editor @ Apple-X 2001-2006

Founded one of the first Apple news and rumor websites, AppleXnet, on the Internet. Managed a team of writers from around America. Read about how we used a hole punch to attend a Steve Jobs keynote.


Business Development

Trent has helped build, grow, and maintain several successful companies from startups to enterprise. He has extensive experience developing and automating business processes, overseeing and managing remote teams, managing deal flow, and closing sales deals. Trent has experience with multiple CRMs and marketing automation solutions. 

Marketing and Growth

One of Trent’s best skillsets is ability to take complex concepts and explain them to nontechnical people. He has pretty much built his career on being able to explain things to others whether its been through product marketing his own products, consulting, to podcasting. Trent is also an experienced growth hacker, and has successfully launched, grown, and monetized dozens of products and services using a range of growth hacking techniques and methods. 

Product Development

Trent has spent the last 10-years of his career overseeing product development. Trent is highly technical, speaks geek and devops flutely, and has managed several software engineering teams remotely. He has an eye for user interface and experience, and helped bring concepts like responsive design, and drag and drop web page building to WordPress and the Internet. He spent the past 4-years building a Software-as-a-Service automation platform.

Remote Team Management

The first startup Trent ever created was managed remotely with a team of writers from around the country. Nearly 20-years later, he has 15-years of remote management experience. Over the past several decades Trent has managed teams throughout the United States, Canada, the UK, Ireland, France, Germany, Greece, and India.


Orange Coast College 2003-2006

Studied world history, marketing, business, public relations, journalism, philosophy, psychology, sociology, digital arts, political science, and archeology.

Despite Trent’s lack of a formal education, his decades of experience speak volumes for his ability to lead teams, and get things done. His self-taught expereince and knoweldge far exceeds anything he could have learned in school. 

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